Sweet Corn


Bi-Zi Farms sells sweet corn that is grown on the farm or, early in the season, grown in Yakima, WA or Hermiston, OR.  The corn that is grown on the farm is a short season, sugar enhanced variety that is very effective in our colder climate and shorter summer season.  Look for sweet corn brought in from eastern Washington and Oregon around the 1st of July and Bi-Zi Farms’ own corn around the 1st of August.


Yellow Corn – With its classic color and sugar enhanced taste, this corn is perfect for your summer picnic.






White sweet corn – This corn has the same taste as yellow corn, but a beautiful white coloration.  Many people feel that this corn is softer and more delicate than yellow corn, but they both taste great to us!



Bi-color corn – If you can’t make up your mind over white or yellow corn, then our bi-color corn is right up your alley.  It has the same wonderful taste as yellow or white corn, but a beautiful dual coloration.  This corn really makes a splash at summer barbeques!



Cooking instructions – The traditional method is to shuck the corn and dip it in boiling water.  Boil the water first, and a 60-90 second dunk should be plenty of time!  Do not overcook!

For an alternative throw the whole ear, husk and all, on the barbeque for 5-10 minutes!

If you are looking for a great recipe to can your own cream-style corn, click HERE!