Our Northwest climate is perfect for growing these sweet and juicy berries.  At Bi-Zi Farms we have several varieties that you will love as jam, pie filling, or just to pile on top of a bowl of ice cream.

Marionberries – Marionberries are a hybridized blackberry raised primarily in the Pacific Northwest.  These sweet and juicy berries are great for pies and jams.

Although seasons vary from year to year, we usually have Marionberries from the 10th of July through the 10th of August.

We will be selling these by the flat, half-flat and hallock.  The hallocks are approximately 1/2 pint and a flat holds 12 hallocks.

For a great Marionberry pie recipe, click HERE!

Black Butte Blackberries – This variety of blackberry is HUGE!  They are super tasty and are wonderful in smoothies.

Like the Marionberries, Black Buttes are available through the month of July.

Black Buttes are sold by the flat, half-flat and hallock.  A hallock is approximately 1/2 pint of berries and a flat hold 12 hallocks.

For a super-easy freezer jam recipe, click HERE!