Bi-Zi Farms has some of the best blueberries in Clark County!

We raise several types of blueberries to ensure that we will have berries for several months of the year.  Starting in mid-June we will begin picking a variety known as Earli-blues which will last through the beginning of July.  From July through mid-August we will have three varieties: Blue Crop, Spartan and Chandler blueberries.  We also carry a late blooming variety of berry, Aurora, which should, depending on the weather and the season, let us have berries later than the normal season.

While many local farms have blueberries, we have never seen any one else that had berries as big and firm as ours.  Want to know just how big?  Take a look at this picture!  That’s one of our Chandler berries right there!

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